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Xbox One Headsets – Is there a best headset?

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With its entertainment oriented design philosophy and revolutionary tech specs, there is no doubt that Xbox One has already made waves. This new-generation console is an all-in-one entertainment system, hugely well like by many avid gamers. Hardcore game enthusiasts in the gaming community are always on the look out to get a headset that complements the performance on their console, but they are the hardest to please.

Thankfully, there are some heart winning headset accessories up for grabs in the market today. Here, you will find an unbiased review of the headsets that have so far made the gaming community take notice.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Premium Gaming Headset

If you are looking for a complete package of features packed into an amazing design, then the Ear Force XO-Seven headset might just end your quest. The quality of audio delivered by the Ear Force XO-Seven is unmatched, and promises to take your gaming experience to the next level, immersing you totally in the game play. The foam cushions of the headset isolate your ears from audible disturbances, letting you enjoy the world of quality in-game audio with surround sound.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Gaming Headset


High-end technology: this wireless headset comes with Wi-Fi capability, enabling you to move all over your room while enjoying your online games.

Multi-purpose: this is a highly versatile headset due to feature of enabling you to answer cell phone calls and stream online music as well.

Quality sound: the speakers are created in a way that you can change their angles. Therefore, to get an excellently tuned Dolby multichannel audio to increase the quality of you gaming experience it is possible to just change the speaker angle.


Incompatibility: the headset is designed specifically for Xbox One, and is therefore incompatible with other consoles. Even though it compatible with cell phones, support for further devices would have made it perfect.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR Headset

Apart from being an affordable shadow of the Turtle Beach EarForce XO Seven, the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four brings together the essential benefits one can expect from gaming headsets into a neat design. It adds an extra dimension of mesmerizing and immersive audio to your game and lets you have a chat with friends as well.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four


Surround sound: this headset gives you the advantage of listening in an immaculate way. You get to experience gaming in a different way, even hear the sounds of your enemies’ footsteps, or the unknown sounds in your favorite song.

Customizable: Audio presets are customizable for every gamer to save their preferences and aim the set of speakers the way they want.

No static: the headset offers an interference free wireless connection; therefore, you cannot lose your important information when using them.


Even though the headset can be used on smartphones and tablets, it is incompatible with other consoles.

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Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset Review

Designed specifically for Xbox One, the Titanfall EarForce Atlas Gaming Headset is also compatible with Xbox 360 and Windows, enabling you to enjoy electrifying audio of your favourite games, thanks to its full-range 50 mm speakers.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset Review


High quality sound: this is definitely the first thing you will enjoy. The Titanfall Ear Force Atlas headset produces rich, realistic and impressive sound quality because the headphones are easily tuned from the Xbox One audio adapter.

Multi-purpose: Ear Force Atlas is not just designed for Xbox, you can also enjoy your favourite movies with superior sound quality. It is also perfect for gaming on your smartphone, table or any portable game device.

Customizable: you can personalize your game and chat mix volume and microphone mute just at your fingertips.


The design is a bit bulky, but this is not a major thing that can negatively impact on your gaming experience.

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