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Xbox One Headset Compatibility

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In case you haven’t already heard, Microsoft has been a bit more understanding with regards to the community of non-OEM headset users. In simple terms, this means you can use a lot of headphones with the Xbox One. However, while choosing models, you need to look for the best compatible headsets.

It is much better for users to just purchase a new unit. This makes sure you don’t have to go through the agonizing process of connecting the unit or experience poor audio performance. If you think this is a good plan of action, you can consider the following compatible headsets.

Turtle Beach XO Seven Gaming Headset

For over 35 years, Turtle Beach has been the most reputed and popular company of audio accessories for all kinds of gaming consoles and other devices. With the Ear Force XO Seven, the company has taken its standard to a whole new level. These headphones not only deliver very high quality sound for gaming, but also give you a chance to customize them in terms of appearance and design. The speaker plates of these headphones are swappable.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven Gaming Headset

In addition to this, if you’re the kind of person who always remains glued to his mobile device, the Turtle Beach XO Seven Gaming Headset can be a handy companion. It is fully compatible with mobile devices. Moreover, you can also remove the microphone unit. These headphones come with noise cancelling ear ups which give better performance on chatting services like Skype. The audio quality is clear and crisp.

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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four High Performance Xbox One Gaming Headset

This is another exceptional model from Turtle Beach. The Turtle Beach XO Four Gaming Headset is just a basic stripped down version of XO Seven. In case you want a headset which is as good as other high-end models available in the market at an affordable price, the Ear Force XO Four will be a perfect choice.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four

It is worth mentioning that this headset lacks some customization options you find on high-end devices. However, the Ear Force XO Four offers many excellent features, like compatibility with mobile devices, removable microphone and more. Even these headphones come with noise cancellation, while offering excellent surround sound.

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Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone – Black – Xbox One

Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone – Black – Xbox One are considered to be a good buy as they come with an adapter already included in the package.. This allows you to connect them directly to the Xbox One’s controller. In addition to this, it is also worth mentioning that Polk Audio took a tremendous amount of time to seek out the best audio specialists in the gaming industry to design this headset.

 Polk Audio 4Shot Headphone


This resulted in the collaboration of two perfect groups, leading to the design and quality of 4Shot headphones. These headphones can offer a delightful audio experience to gamers. The best part is that Polk Audio has not only focused on sound quality, but also design and comfort. 4Shot headphones are very comfortable and allow marathon gaming sessions.

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