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Turtle Beach XO Four Headset

Should you buy it? Well, if you are trying to upgrade your audio equipment for the Xbox One this headset could be the one for you. You will get the best out of your favourite games, television shows, music and movies because the Turtle Beach XO Four Headset gives you real high quality surround sound. With these headphones, you can stay connected to your friends through Skype and Xbox Live with crisp and clear chat audio. Only Turtle Beach can give you the extraordinary sound clarity these microphones produce.

If would would like to buy without reading the review please click Turtle Beach XO Four  Gaming Headset for your purchase.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Four

However if would like to read on we hope you will find this review useful and informative.

If you want to have complete concentration so that you are totally involved in your game this is the headset for you as it will keep all outside distractions to a minimum. This model has been precisely tuned to offer the best sound quality from the Xbox One Audio adapter. Just like the Xbox One delivers all kinds of entertainment, the Turtle Beach XO Four Headset is compatible with a lot more than games. It gives you a chance to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies with exceptional sound quality.

General Specifications 

  • This headset is wireless with the Xbox One
  • It offers full chat functionality with the Xbox One
  • Chat and Game volume mix controls
  • Neodymium speaker drivers
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • The flat ear cups provided, which are foldable, and will rest on your shoulders if necessary.
  • Mobile gaming is easily achievable.

Turtle Beacr Ear Force XO4

High Performance Gaming Headset 

This headset has been created for the dedicated gamer who wants to enjoy his favourite games with this next generation accessory.

Wireless with the Xbox One Console 

With this headset, you don’t have to worry about any wires spread across your living room. You can enjoy gameplay without worrying about your pets or family members getting tangled up in any wires.

Microphone and Chat Audio Clarity 

This headset offers full chat functionality on the Xbox One. You won’t miss a single word your team mates say in the game. They will also be able to hear you very loud and clear.

Bigger Speakers 

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR comes with the outstanding high performance 50mm speakers which will give you exceptional sound quality. They can deliver deep lows and crisp highs to offer the perfect gaming experience.


As mentioned earlier, this headset is also compatible with mobile gaming. The Ear Force XO FOUR allows you to play games on your tablet, smartphone or some other mobile gaming device.

Stylish and Comfortable 

The Ear Force XO FOUR has a very stylish and comfortable design with its breathable mesh cushions for perfect marathon gaming sessions. The design of the headset makes sure it rests properly on your shoulders. This headset is also very lightweight.


Turtle Beach has well over 30 years of experience in the industry and  has always used cutting edge technology to remain in the forefront of the market. The company uses immersive and realistic audio experience built into a very high quality and comfortable headset. It comes with exceptional features, quality and sound.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR is the perfect upgrade for the Xbox One. It delivers perfect audio quality for your favourite games, television shows, movies and music. You can also stay connected to your friends via Skype and Xbox Live with crisp and clear chat audio, and even microphone clarity.

Please find below two videos which we hope you will find useful and interesting.

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