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Turtle Beach Titanfall Atlas Headset

It’s no surprise that the high-end headset designing companies are jumping on board to sell tie-in hardware for the PC and Xbox One. The launch by Turtle beach has got everyone talking with its high end gaming headset called the Titanfall Atlas.

If you wish to purchase right away please click on the Turtle Beach Titanfall  Atlas Headset. However we would encourage you to read the review in full to see all the different aspects of this great headset.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset

The style of the Titanfall Atlas comes from the idea of its own name because it mixes grey, blue and red together making a most attractive first view. This model makes sure of a quick, speedy interaction and fast response needed when playing the official game. You will feel every step your massive Titan takes; it lets you zero in on your enemy’s location and allows you to keep in close contact with your pilots at all times. Remember this headset is compatible with PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Turtle Beach- Audio Advantage

The sharp sound quality will enable you to take control and dominate any game you play on any platform. Because of its superior audio quality you will easily and clearly hear all the audio sounds (including those important warning ones) and also you get advantages in Frontier communications with your team-mates. The best part is the versatility the game offers which includes the Xbox One Audio Adapter for 360 and one players and powerful amp for PC and Xbox 360 players. You can also use the 3.5mm plug provided on most mobile devices and laptops which makes the Turtle beach Titanfall Atlas Headset the best and last headset you will ever need.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset Review

Specifically designed and built for Xbox One, the headsets are compatible with Xbox 360 and PC. They work with all the latest versions of the game – Titanfall. The headphones are also tuned to deliver high quality performance audio directly from the Xbox One Audio Adapter.

The superb audio quality will let you tower over Titanfall’s Frontier with your teammates. The superior quality headsets with their removable microphone are designed for social interaction and can also be used on Xbox One, Xbox LIVE and Skype. You can also mix volumes according to your usability with easy buttons.

Functionality and Design

The design and functionality lets you disconnect the headsets from the audio adapter or amp easily to use on other gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, and/or other portable game devices. The model also boasts separate game volume control, chat volume control and built-in Bass Boost. All these features add more punch and depth to the audio of the game. Best part is that Xbox One players can also leave the amp or audio adapter connected to their PCs for PC gaming and Skype calls, which ,in effect, changes your headset into two!!

The remarkable mesh cushions in the ear caps easily rotate to the flat position so that you can comfortably wear them around you neck even will your 50mm speakers going full blast.

Turtle Beach Titanfall Ear Force Atlas Headset

The Verdict 

If you live with your friends, family or roommates and enjoy playing games in your spare time but don’t want to interfere with their private space then the Titanfall Atlas Headset could be the headset for you.

These light, extremely comfortable and durable Turtle Beach Titanfall  Atlas Headsets can be purchased from at a great discount of 48%

To help you with your decision we show below a couple of useful videos.

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Happy Gaming!!